Lost Creek Llamaprints began in 1995 with the mission of delivering the highest quality information available on performance llamas and their equipment to the llama lover and user at a fair price. Lost Creek Llamaprints is also pleased to offer well-written llama stories that will be enjoyed by all animal lovers.



Evaluating a Llama Pack for Comfort and Function

The Waldo Chronicles: A Training Log

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Evaluating a Llama Pack for
Comfort and Function

by Gwen Ingram

A comprehensive and detailed analysis of
evaluating and selecting a comfortable pack
system for your llama that will function well
for you, too. Also explains proper procedures for
fitting and using any llama pack. Clear line
drawings augment the 27 pages of carefully
presented text. If you want to put a pack on
your llama, this information-packed booklet is
for you.


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Author Gwen Ingram has extensive experience since 1986 packing with llamas under highly demanding conditions, including distance packing (continual 20+ mile days), heavy load hauling (up to 120 lbs payload per llama), and contract packing unusual and awkward loads for varied clients, including the USFS. Gwen has also provided sucessful consultation for innumerable llama packers and their highly varied pack llamas over the years.

The Waldo Chronicles: A Training Log

by Gwen Ingram

The heartwarming true story of a previously untrained, unwanted llama's transformation into a valued companion, show partner, and packer. Useful training techniques and information are woven throughout the thoroughly enjoyable tale. Includes 30 black-and-white photographs. For trainers and animal lovers of all ages!

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What people are saying about

"I started reading "Waldo" one evening before going to bed and wound up staying up until I finished it"

"I gave it to my mother to read (and she's not a reader) and she couldn't put it down"


NEW !!!

Montana Gold

Northwest Adventures Afoot, Afloat, and with Llamas

by Fred Neil

Whether you're sitting around the campfire or just wish you could be, Fred Neil's well-woven tales immerse you in the sounds, smells, sights, and adventures of the great outdoors. Follow tranquility to crisis and back again in Deep Woods, chuckle at the sometimes bumbling determination of a budding angler in Troutquest, laugh with the shrewd insights in Training with Llamas, float the waters -- both peaceful and raging -- of Time in the Islands, and experience the summer of Montana Gold.

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Workshops and Seminars

Get Connected! Workshops

Do your llamas ....

  • focus on YOU?
  • get excited when they see you coming and it's NOT feeding time?
  • approach you confidently and respectfully?
  • calmly allow you to touch them everywhere ... even when off lead?
  • follow you readily anywhere -- at home and away from home -- on a completely loose lead ... and with NO lead?
  • play with you?
  • come to you for support and reassurance?

And wouldn't it be awesome ... if it took you one-tenth of the time to establish a 10-times-better relationship with each of your llamas?

Discover the fun, fascination, and relationship with llamas you've only dreamed of -- or haven't dared to dream of!
Learn how to be your llama's ideal partner ... with trust, respect, and communication ... GET CONNECTED!

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Functional Llama Seminars

Discover vital facets of llama performance . . . experience them . . . and understand them!

For the first time, learn to separate fact from aesthetics and folklore, examine them critically from a biomechanical perspective, and apply them specifically to llamas.

Llama packers and drivers will learn valuable tools for maximizing their llamas' potential, and performance llama breeders will gain valuable insights from the seminar's clear presentation, hands-on exercises, and in-depth video support. Written material and a complete bibliography are included.

Join us for a fascinating, in-depth exploration of llama biomechanics, conformation for performance, gaits, scaling, and more -- and apply them to your own real-life needs.

Prepare for a paradigm shift -- you'll never look at llamas the same way again!

Email to be notified when the next Functional Llama Seminar is scheduled! Workshops are currently held every two or three years in Dexter, Oregon.

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A Little About Llamas

A short video suitable for showing to young people to introduce them to llamas. Excellent for teachers to use in advance of school, public relations, or therapy visits


The Functional Llama (series)

A series of videos that explains each physical aspect of llamas that affects performance. This series will be a must-have for all serious performance llama breeders, for all prospective buyers who want to maximize their chances of finding a llama that will suit their needs, and for those who want to do the very best by the working llamas they now own.

Can't wait? Email to get on the mailing list for the next Functional Llama Seminar!

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A Llama Language Primer

Most behavioral problems and handler frustrations are a direct result of crossed wires -- the two species don't understand each other. Llama have a language that is, in many important ways, unique to them. They can't read about humans, but with this book, you can learn to relate to them successfully.


Basic Llama Care and Handling

Jam-packed with the basic information you'll need to care for llamas and to handle them safely. Includes sections on basics of choosing llamas, feeding and housing, management concerns, caring for older llamas, neutering, how to halter, how to pick up feet successfully, and more. You'll appreciate having this volume when you get your first llama -- and you'll refer to it again and again.


Choosing and Fitting a Llama Halter

A thorough treatment of the single most-used piece of llama equipment with eye-opening information and important tips on fitting for comfort and function. Updated and expanded from its original publication in The Backcountry Llama Newsletter.


Grooming Classic and Working Llamas

How to groom efficiently, effectively, and humanely to keep your classic llama healthy and functioning optimally for work! Also includes information on proper show grooming for the classic coat type, reclaiming a neglected coat, and effective management tips for intermediate type llamas (those with coat characteristics of both classic and woolly types). Updated and expanded from its original publication in The Backcountry Llama Newsletter.


Teaching Your Llama to Stand

The most useful thing you can teach your llama! Imagine just walking out into your pasture and right up to your llama. Or strolling up to your packer who's somehow gotten loose. If your llamas understand the concept of "stand" and are comfortable being approached, you will spend more time doing what you got llamas for, and you'll also leave aggrevation and panic behind. Updated and expanded from its original publication in The Backcountry Llama Newsletter, and incorporating the successful techniques of the Get Connected! workshops.

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